Bothfeld Financial Services specializes in Retirement Planning. No matter what stage in life you are, we would be pleased to meet with you and discuss your financial situation, even if it seems there is a lot to do to meet your plans. We work with a number of very well regarded investment companies, so unlike most financial advisers who work for or with a specific company, we can help you pick the best policy and company for your needs.

Small Business Owners

Many of our customers own their business or are in a partnership. If you are in this category saving for retirement can be difficult when you income varies from month to month and year to year as the fortunes of your business vary. We can help. There are retirement plans designed for you and we can help you get organized. Initially we will study your income and fixed expenses, like loans and mortgages, credit cards and so on, and examine your plans. Perhaps someday the business will be sold, or a partner may buy you out. Or perhaps we need to help you plan that too. In any case, defining your plan of when you want to slow down or stop working will enable us to put a financial plan together.

401k and IRA Rollovers

Employees with an existing retirement plan may need to consider accessing it and transferring it to a retirement account which is more efficient, and gives the ability to invest more securely and successfully. Bothfeld Financial Services advice will be freely given, and depending on your age, income, and the state of your current retirement plan there may be a better way to invest, which fits your goals and your risk potential.

Life Insurance

Term Life insurance is great value especially when you are young and in middle age. For a small monthly premium you have the ability to plan for support for your loved ones in case something happens, giving you peace of mind and security for your family.
A Whole Life Insurance policy is an excellent investment tool. It allows tax deferred growth inside the policy. Your contributions are tax deductible too. Some of the policies we have convert to annuities when you retire, generating a steady income stream to pay for your living expenses when you stop working, or slow down and need an extra source of income.

Long Term Care Insurance

Advances in medical science enable us to get help for more and more conditions, but it doesn’t come cheap. Without a long term care policy, a very real possibility is that you will use up all of your life savings in care in later life and leave nothing to pass on to your family, or even push them into debt to look after you. Call now to get a quote. Some policies don’t need a medical exam, depending on your age and how you answer the questions. We will hold your hand all the way through the application process and make sure you get the best value.

Small Business Employees Retirement plans

Is it time for your business to start doing something more for your loyal employees? This is an excellent way to improve employee retention, and improve company loyalty. It turns into a great tax deduction for the business and the employees. We can put a plan together for the smallest of companies up to a large local business here on the cape. Some of our customers have worked with us for decades and we have helped them to grow their businesses.